Making Moves

My life has become a tad uprooted.

Over the course of the last year and a quarter, I have quit my job as a High School English/Creative Writing teacher, ended a long and loving relationship, and decided to move to Colorado. It’s not because of the weed. It’s because of the energy. It’s because I feel at peace by the mountains. It’s because I’m enticed to explore what this incredible state offers and what I may offer it in return.

I’m launching this blog for many purposes, but one of those purposes is to document what unexpected developments are sure to come. I will chronicle my experience of entering this unpredictable place in hope and trust that things will come together in new and interesting ways. This blog, in part, will be a play-by-play of a leap of faith.

Though I do not wish to give this too religious of a tint, I am a very spiritual person, and I see this move as a development of my spiritual path. The predominant lessons I feel ready to receive relate to humility, trust, surrendering, intention, service, and gratitude for this astounding life. God, the Divine, the Great Spirit, the Great Mother, the Oversoul–what power exist beyond us communicates through signs. Lots of those signs, in my experience, are not what we would call ‘rational’. They appeal more to emotions, to impulses, to feelings. People are skeptical about feelings today. They think everything requires a plan. In my experience of traveling around and changing my life on a semi-frequent basis, the most life-changing moments of my path have come entirely unexpectedly. They have been the moments that upset the well-laid plan.

But then again, this day in age—and with me closing in on 30 and all—it’s important also to think of plans. It’s important to visualize where we are heading if we are to let the ground we’ve constructed crumble. As this blog develops, I will share many of my visualizations with you, for I have come to believe that the more we intend our actions toward our vision of a perfect world, the more we may take steps toward bringing that world to be. For now, I’ll let you know the specifics of my initial move, which will be underway as this blog is launched.

As of the moment of this piece’s writing, which is August 24th, 2017, I’ve dwindled my belongings to reside in my black Mazda3 and a small storage unit in Kansas City. On August 28th, I’ll drive through KC, pick up a few items, and trek onward to Ft. Collins, CO. There, through the nonprofit organization WWOOF, I will spend 30 hrs/week working on the aptly named Raisin’ Roots Farm, which specializes in growing over 40 varieties of produce.At this moment, I know precisely zero things about farming. By the end of October, I will have worked at least two hundred and forty hours on Raisin’ Roots Farm. I’m so dang fortunate these kind people have given me this opportunity to expand my knowledge of this ongoing physical process. 

Stoked for some tasty apples!

In exchange for my labor, which appears to consist largely of diverse produce harvesting (and a little bit of pig raising), the kind folks at the farm will post me up in a camper with a twin bed, electricity, water, and a stove, providing me also with essential staples of a farm-fresh diet. As we now have it arranged, I will experience this great opportunity to learn from the earth and a service-oriented community until October 31st. After that, everything’s unknown again.

And it’s that great unknown that instills in me such a fear in publishing this blog, for I have no idea where my life is going. The many worries assault my mind! What if this whole plan crumbles and burns? What if reality forces me to work some boring-ass job not worth writing about? Wow, what a fool I will look like!

I’m planning to refrain from cursing in this blog as much as possible, but here, on the condition of an asterisk, I will allow: F*ck that fear! This sh*t’s happening! 

So there’s the framework for what’s to come in this seeker’s life. Thanks for tuning in to the beginning of this journey. I intend to update this blog with short posts (roughly 500-800 words) at least once a week. Once I get settled in at the farm, I plan to practice my photography skills to offer you glimpses into the farmland and the powerful, spiritual mountainous landscape. The world is animated in possibilities. I feel so thrilled and grateful to get to explore these unforeseeable horizons. 

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