Month: October 2017

A New Home

How I Found Great Roommates and Cheap Rent In Fort Collins

On Familiarity and Habit

Seeing Ourselves and Our Circumstances Anew

Chicken Mites and Rabbit Stew

Seeking new experiences, I knew not what I might find…

The Inner Judge and Victim

The Distracting Inner Noise We Need Not Always Hear

Houdah Abotteen: Defying Stereotypes

I have frequented a myriad of gyms for over a decade, and never have I been so immediately struck by another patron as I was by Houdah Abotteen at Genesis Health Club in Kansas City. That’s not just because Houdah, a 26-year old female, was putting up dumbbells heavier than any of the males beside her. It’s because as she did it, she wore long clothing that concealed her body and a hijab that concealed all but her face.