Life’s A Dream For Us To Create

“You know that life is what you make of it. So beautiful, or so what.” -Paul Simon

All kinds of smart people converge on the thought that life is ours to create. Of course that is true. We build our reality. We are responsible for its effects.

One problem I had with studying philosophy was that there was a lot of thinking, talking, and sitting around. Things that become self-evident through practice–i.e. The point that began this post–are hotly debated inside rooms. Often, the arguments get lost in the rationality. Philosophy doesn’t always recognize that the rational paradigm is but one of many. I often felt sad for folks like Kant who were so trapped inside of it. (Then again, seeing as he has subjected many generations to torturously boring required reading, can’t feel too bad for the ole German virgin.)

Enough philosophy.

These days, tons of people are pointing out the seemingly-endless chain of flaws of today’s world. Social media erupts with posts about doomsday through nuclear war, climate and weather change, horrific storms, mass shootings, food scarcity, overpopulation, prescription drugs and more. These posts tend to get a lot of engagement. (Which also means someone is making lots of money on them.) Someone who posts something like, “This world we live in is really beautiful,” won’t just get little engagement, he may get backlash. The mainstream, news-fueled consciousness does not respond well to proclamations that the world is still an incredible place to experience.  

But there’s no denying the harm we’ve done to it. There’s no overlooking the harm we are causing one another. Fear dominates the national landscape. We see our impermanence all around us, predicting our widespread death in many ways.

That is the reality we are creating: a big fear bubble that convinces us everything is horribly wrong.

The problem is this collective dream prevents us from seeing and feeling what endures through the eons. Plants still grow from the earth and provide nutrients and medicine for our healing. Landscapes too vast for the eye to see stand like beacons of passing epochs. Beneath the fear, we have access to incredible energy within ourselves that the Buddhists and the Hindus and the Jews and the Egyptians and many more have so long pointed toward. We still have the ability to be intimate with one another, an intimacy that can grow alongside our evolution as we intend to become stronger and wiser and more compassionate people.

We create the dream of the world, now more than ever in this age of connectivity. Right now, we are expanding this ancient energy to create a nightmare. If we don’t dream of something better, we will convince ourselves this nightmare is the only way to see it.

And if the End is actually coming, I’d much rather go out on the dream of a blissful, energetic world of happiness and fellowship and intimacy and love than one of chaos and destruction.

“Your life is the manifestation of your dream. And you can change your life anytime if you aren’t enjoying the dream.” -Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements


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