About Sean


Hello there. My name is Sean Lawlor. I launched Alternate Pathways in August of 2017 as a way to channel both my love for travel writing and my desire to share insights from my life transition that is underway, a transition I detail in this foundational post. 

My beautiful mother tells me that when I was a baby, I climbed out of my crib nearly every night. I’ve always been interested in finding what exists outside the comfort zone.

Then again, in July of 2011, I learned the hard way that as important as it is to challenge boundaries, it is equally important to intuit and respect our limits. It turned out that going off a rope swing over a river with one arm was not in my physical wheelhouse, and thus the Universe sent me plummeting hard onto a bed of rocks to crack my patella in half.

These days, I’m fully recovered and far more humble in my understanding of what I can accomplish. I’m interested now in the small movements, the subtle changes in habit and lifestyle that, when executed consistently, can bring about large-scale changes. I see this blog as one of those subtle movements, and I hope that as I continue pouring energy into this project, it will grow beyond myself and will become a place of affirmation and community where many people may share stories of the amazing and unpredictable ways that life unfolds.

Thank you for stopping by.

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