What Is Alternate Pathways?

We need to realize that our dreams have the potential to become actualized. Once actualized, our dreams can truly transform the world.

The future is never a closed gate, no matter how hard society tries to make us think so. Rather, the future is a sea of infinite possibilities, and as often as we may forget it, well-trodden, established routes may always be shed for the sake of an alternate pathway.

Alternate pathways are movements into the unknown. They are life decisions that accept risk and fear for the sake of an insight or an intuition that we are not living according to our purpose. Though we may feel trapped, we are never truly stuck. Sometimes, all we must do is admit to ourselves what we are trying hardest not to see. Then, we may make the changes that we know we need to fulfill our purpose.

This blog, at the outset, has two primary intentions. First, it will chronicle my personal steps into the unknown as I alter course, moving from a steady teaching job in Kansas City to a farm in Fort Collins, Colorado with no set game plan for money, housing, or community. Secondly, it will share stories of others who have endeavored down alternate pathways of their own, providing us with tips and anecdotes that can help us understand we are never powerless, that hard work and intention come back in unexpected ways, and, most importantly, we have nothing to fear.

Always, we have the power to change our lives and align more closely to our purpose. In aligning to our purpose, we become empowered to better serve ourselves, our planet, and our brothers and sisters all around us.