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Life’s A Dream For Us To Create

We create the dream of the world, now more than ever in this age of connectivity. Right now, we are expanding this ancient energy to create a nightmare. If we don’t dream of something better, we will convince ourselves this nightmare is the only way to see it.

Houdah Abotteen: Defying Stereotypes

I have frequented a myriad of gyms for over a decade, and never have I been so immediately struck by another patron as I was by Houdah Abotteen at Genesis Health Club in Kansas City. That’s not just because Houdah, a 26-year old female, was putting up dumbbells heavier than any of the males beside her. It’s because as she did it, she wore long clothing that concealed her body and a hijab that concealed all but her face.

My Joe Rogan Dream: Bowhunting and Beyond

Joe Rogan started teaching me how to focus. He instructed me to block out the haters and naysayers, the worries about what other people are saying. These are things I cannot control, and they have nothing to do with my path. “It’s about finding what you want to do,” Joe Rogan said, “and it’s about making that happen, one small step at a time.”

On Fear

Reflections on fear, that age-old bully!

Life on the Farm Part 2

Life on the farm is kinda laid back…